✔️ Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future..We are friendly to each other.Joining is tottaly free. We dont need any money from you.

Bringing specialist healthcare right where it is needed!

We are on a mission to make quality healthcare accessible and affordable to Rural and Senior communities, directly in their homes.

If you are a Health worker or a Doctor, help us bridge the healthcare gap in your community with the Caare Doctor Mobile App.

Benefits for Health Workers:
1. Can create ABHA IDs for Patients
2. Employment opportunities
3. Less Labor intensive
4. Additional income options

Top Specialities

General Physician Gynaecology Dermatology Diabetology Gastroenterology Cardiology Sexology Psychiatry ENT Endocrinology

Our Aim


Empower health workers to be enablers of change

We welcome nurses, counselors, ASHA workers, Anganwadi workers, lab technicians, pathologists, or any other community health workers to join us.

  • Free and quick onboarding
  • Dedicated Access for Health Workers
  • Commission on each consultation
  • Indirect training through Sr.Doctor

Establish telemedicine clinics in rural neighborhoods

Rural Indian patients have to travel long distances to access basic and specialist medical treatment.

Our rural telemedicine clinics have helped reach last-mile communities, reduced their distance to quality healthcare, and provided a safe environment to have their needs addressed.


Partner with qualified doctors and healthcare providers

Nearly 75% of Indians live in rural villages, and yet more than 75% of Indian doctors are based in cities. Our aim is to bridge this rural-urban disparity.

Our network of doctors, specialists and hospitals in urban cities ensures that patients receive credible and reliable medical advice.

How Does Telemedicine Work

Consultancy Steps

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